Gold and Silver Jewellery at Regent Jewellers

We buy in Gold and Silver which comes to us in many forms from broken pieces of jewellery to antique silver plates, and from old gold watch straps and mounts to fine pieces of vintage and antique gold and silver jewellery. It is the old and modern jewellery in excellent condition that we are able to offer foir re-sale, but not before our very experienced jewellers have examined it to ensure that it is in good condition, it is then cleaned and polished before it is offered to you. We find fine pieces of jewellery from all eras to pass on to you, and date them wherever possible to add interest to your browsing, we hope that you like the variety which will constantly change as we add to the site and sell items, you never know what will be added next. There is even more to see in our store in Weston-super-Mare, a real treasure trove,